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Computer Application Division

  • Computer Application Division

    Application of IT in the day to day functioning of the Department is the primary responsibility of the Computer Application Division of the Planning & Development Department. This is done through maintenance and servicing of IT infrastructure of the Department and through dissemination of information for public on website developed for the purpose.

    The ICT status of the Department can be summarized as below:

    • A Central Sever with back up facility connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) installed in the department with nodes extended to all officers and staff with internet connectivity. LAN started in 2006 and all officers and staff covered under the ambitious computerization project over the years in phases.
    • IT infrastructure of the department consists of:
    • PCs : 183
    • Printers : 100
    • Scanners : 40
    • Two conference halls with state of the art equipments/devices like LCDs, drop down screens, overhead LCD projectors with video conference facility.
    • System installed to constantly monitor and check the functioning of all the systems of the department so as to enable instant restoration of services as and when malfunction detected.
    • Wi-Fi zones.

    The Department has already developed a highly structured LAN system with nodes extended to all officers and staff of the department with Internet connectivity from NIC. The present status is shown below:

    Total Nodes: 183 Nos. with 100% internet connectivity.

    Development of Software/MIS with the help of NIC and other agencies:
    Computer Application Division has developed and introduced the following MIS/ Software for information and office automation/service delivery etc.

    • Database of Officers and Staff of the department (under preparation).
    • MIS for Monitoring of Flagship Programme (http:assam.gov.nic.in)
    • MIS for monitoring of activities relating to MLA Area Development fund, untied Fund, Shuhrid, Gyanjyoti and Dharmajyoti schemes (under preparation)

    In house Training for officers and staff:

    • All officers and staff are trained in the use of software applications accessible through INTRANET and INTERET with unique user id and passwords assigned to each of them.
    • Computer Application Cell regularly organize training programme for officers and staff of the department to impart training on basic use of applications viz. MS Word, MS Power point, MS Excel, Browsing the net, basic computer maintenance (hardware & software), understanding of file tracking software.

    Website maintenance and update

    A portal developed for the department as per guidelines and supervision of Web Development Cell of IT Department for standardization of State Government websites in assam.gov.in domain. The website isto disseminate information of the department to the public in general and researchers, line departments, educational institutions etc. in particular.

    Computer Application Division
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