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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development

Schemes of Decentralised Planning Division

Decentralised Planning in Assam

Decentralised Planning process was introduced in Assam in 1986 in all plain districts as per Hanumanta Rao Committee’s recommendation. As per recommendation, Govt. of Assam, created the Decentralised Planning Division (DCP) at State Head Quarter and Decentralised Planning Cell (DPC) at every plain districts of Assam. The main objective of decentralised planning was to involve peoples’ participation directly in planning process for socio-economic development of the state and to decision-making process to percolate their ideas, wishes as well as desires in development process.

The Decentralised Planning Division headed by Director under Transformation and Development Department, acts as a supervisory role as well as the Nodal Department of the schemes at the State Level while the Decentralised Planning Cell acts as the Nodal Implementing Agency in the plain districts under the district administration.

The schemes /programmes brought under the purview of DCP Division are as follows.


Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) Scheme was introduced in the year 1993-94 enabling an MP to recommend works of developmental nature with emphasis on creation of durable assets based on the locally felt needs to be taken up in their constituency. Initially, an amount of Rs. 5.00 lakh was allotted per MP. At present it is enhanced to Rs. 5.00 crore per annum per HPC. There are 14 Lok Sabha MP’s & 7 Rajya Sabha MP’s in Assam and annually entitled to received Rs.105.00 crores

A Member of Parliament recommends schemes to Deputy Commissioners who in turn implement the schemes at the district level through the District Planning Cells.

Funds directly released to the Nodal Deputy Commissioners by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India. Transformation & Development Department is the Nodal Department at the state level for coordinating with the Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation Govt. of India and all districts of the state.

2. MLA'S Area Development Scheme :

  • The MLA’s Area Development Scheme was originally introduced in 1994-95 under the sub-sector “Sub-divisional Special Problem” of Decentralized Planning Division. The scheme was brought under operation in the line of MP’s Local Area Development Scheme with a view to up-grade the infrastructural status in each Assembly Constituency of the State. At the initial stage each MLA was given the choice/ suggestion for development works amounting to Rs. 5.00 lakh annually to the concerned Deputy Commissioner of the district. In 1995-96, the fund for each LAC was increased to Rs. 10.00 lakh annually and then further increased to Rs. 20.00 lakh in 1997-98. In 2003-04, the annual allocation for each MLA was again enhanced to Rs. 30.00 lakh. In 2007-08, the annual allocation for each LAC was further stepped up to Rs. 40.00 lakh. At present the annual allocation for each LAC is of Rs. 1.00 crore. One individual project cost may be of Rs. 0.50 lakh to Rs. 10.00 lakh. The limit can be exceeded in special cases of bigger projects but should not exceed Rs. 20.00 lakh. This has come into force from the year 2012-13. All schemes are implemented by the concerned Deputy Commissioner of the district on recommendation of the concerned MLA as per guidelines of the MLAAD Scheme.
  • SUHRID: The Scheme “SUHRID” was introduced in 2016-17.An amount of Rs.6300.00Lakh, @ 50.00 lakh per LAC for 126 LACs to the concerned Deputy Commissioners has already been released for the year 2016-17 to provide financial assistance to the needy people of the legislative assembly constituencies as per recommendation of the concerned MLA to meet the hardship of health & education sector.
    (Rs.in lakh)
Year Name of Scheme Fund Sanctioned Fund Released Remarks
2012-2013   MLAAD 12600.00 12600.00  
2013-2014 12600.00 12600.00  
2014-2015 12600.00 12600.00  
2015-2016 12600.00 12100.00  
2016-2017 12600.00 12600.00  
2017-2018   12600.00 12600.00  
2018-2019   12600.00 12600.00  
2019-2020   12300.00 12300.00  
2020-2021   12600.00 12600.00  
2012-2013   SUHRID - -  
2013-2014 - -  
2014-2015 - -  
2015-2016 - -  
2016-2017 6300.00 6300.00 Scheme introduced in the year 2016-17

3. Sub Divisional Special Project (Untied Fund) :

With a view to provide certain measure of financial freedom and to encourage local people to plan some schemes of special problems of local nature, an amount of fund was earmarked for the purpose for encouraging Local Level Planning. The Deputy Commissioner suggests such schemes to be considered for sanction. The fund was named as Untied Fund and was introduced in the year 1988-89.

The scheme under Untied Fund is primarily for asset creation. Purchase of inventory of revenue expenditure is strictly barred under the scheme. Fund is released to the concerned Deputy Commissioner for implementation of different development schemes.

(Rs.in lakh)

Year Name of Scheme Fund Sanctioned Fund Released
2012-2013 UNTIED FUND 3000.00 3000.00
2013-2014 3999.28 3999.28
2014-2015 7508.34 7508.34
2015-2016 5000.00 2300.00
2016-2017 14500.00 14500.00

4. Gyanjyoti Scheme :

The scheme was introduced in 2004-05 with a view to provide awareness through educational excursion in different places among the school students of Class- VIII to X , particularly in rural areas of the state. The programme is extended for outside State also from 2013-14. An amount of Rs. 7.00 Crore was released from 2011-12 to 2014-15 and 9723 nos. of students benefitted. An amount of Rs. 3.00 crore is allotted for the financial year 2015-16 and about 2500 nos of students benefitted during the year . For the year 2016-17 Rs.3.00 crore has been sanctioned and the programme is expected to be implemented by the two nodal districts viz. Kamrup (M) & Jorhat in the month of the October/November 2017.

(Rs.in lakh)

Year Name of Scheme Fund Sanctioned Fund Released
2012-2013 GYANJYOTI 200.00 200.00
2013-2014 200.00 200.00
2014-2015 200.00 200.00
2015-2016 300.00 300.00
2016-2017 300.00 300.00

5.Dharmajyoti Scheme :

The scheme was introduced in 2004-05 with a view to encourage the Pilgrims, elderly persons to visit Religious and Historical places both within and out side the State. The places are Sri sri Madhupur satra at Coochbehar, Sri Sri Jagannath Mandir at Puri, Satras at Majuli, Poamucca at Hajo , Guru Tag Bahadur Gurudwara at Dhubri, Ajan Peer Dargah at Sivasagar, Sri Surjya Pahar near Goalpara , Bordowa satra near Nagaon, Bhuban pahar(Motinagar) near Silchar, Budhagaya in Bihar, Parasuram Kunda in Arunachal Pradesh, Ranganath Temple and Gaurisagar Temple at Sibsagar, etc. The scheme is implemented by the Assam State Transport Corporation with the help of all concerned Deputy Commissioners of the district. The Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (M) district is the Nodal Deputy Commissioner for the scheme. An amount of Rs. 7.50 crore was released/utilized from 2011-12 to 2015-16 and 1,33,446 nos. of people benefited from the scheme. During the financial year 2016-17 an amount of Rs. 150.00 lakh is released and utilized for implementation of the scheme.

(Rs.in lakh)

Year Name of Scheme Fund Sanctioned Fund Released
2012-2013 DHARMAJYOTI 150.00 150.00
2013-2014 150.00 150.00
2014-2015 150.00 150.00
2015-2016 150.00 150.00
2016-2017 150.00 150.00