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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development

Function and Activities of Transformation and Development Department

1. Allocation of funds based on State Funding for Priority Development (SFPD) for (a) State's Own Priority Development (SOPD) schemes, (b) State Share for (i) Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) (ii) Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resource (NLCPR) (iii) North Eastern Council (NEC) (iv) Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) (v) Amount required as counterpart funding for Externally Aided Project (EAP), (v) Hill Areas (vi) Bodoland Territorial Councils (BTC) , (vi) Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) including Tribal Councils (vii) Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) and -(c) any other similar allocations.

2. Monitoring of implementation of all Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Central Sector Schemes by the line departments of the State Government.

3. Coordination with the Line Ministries at the Centre and the departments in the State with a view to have two-way communications between concerned Central Ministries and the State Government to ensure smooth implementation.

4. Monitoring & Evaluation of all schemes under SOPD, NEC, NLCPR, RIDF, EAP.

5. Matters relating to MLAAD and IVIPLAD, including grants for medical and educational assistance under SUHRID.

6. United Fund Schemes selection and monitoring of implementation.

7. Monitoring and evaluation of schemes and plans of all Administrative Departments in line with Assam Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

8. Matters related to "Team Assam Hub" and "Knowledge and Innovation Hub".

9. Assam Economic Survey and all subjects related to Directorate of Economics and Statistics.

10. Matters relating to Gyan Jyoti, Dharma Jyoti etc.,

11. Matters relating to Public Private Partnership.