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MLAAD Guidelines

The MLA Area Development (MLAADS) Scheme was introduced in 1994-95 under the sub-sector “Sub-Divisional Special Programme” of Decentralized Planning Division. The scheme was brought under operation in the line of MP’s Local Area Development (MPLAD) Scheme with a view to upgrade the infrastructural status in each Assembly Constituency of the State. All schemes are implemented by the concerned Deputy Commissioner of the district on recommendation of the concerned MLA as per Guidelines of the MLAAD Scheme. Initially, i.e, in 1994-95, an amount of Rs. 5.00 Lakh was allotted to each MLA for recommendation of development works per annum.

At present, the amount has been increased to Rs. 1.00 crore per LAC per annum and release the fund installment wise so that the development schemes would be taken up at the earliest. 

During the year 2020-21, an amount of Rs. 12600.00 lakh was sanctioned and released. For the year 2021-22, an amount of Rs.10080.00 lakh is the budgetary provision.

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