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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development

Overall Status of Implementation of NEC Schemes

Overall Status of Implementation of NEC Schemes.xlsx114.78 KBswf-image
CULTURAL AFFAIRS.xlsx10.72 KBswf-image
HANDLOOM & TEXTILE.xlsx10.26 KBswf-image
TRANSPORT.xlsx11.04 KBswf-image
URBAN DEVELOPMENT.xlsx10.31 KBswf-image
WPT & BC.xlsx12.28 KBswf-image
AGRICULTURE.xlsx10.89 KBswf-image
CO-OPERATION.xlsx10.71 KBswf-image
Education.xlsx11.28 KBswf-image
ENVIRONMENT & FOREST.xlsx10 KBswf-image
FISHERY.xlsx9.97 KBswf-image
HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE.xlsx20.43 KBswf-image
Industries and Commerce.xlsx9.88 KBswf-image
IRRIGATION.xlsx12.8 KBswf-image
OKD and P&D.xlsx10.18 KBswf-image
PHE.xlsx10.1 KBswf-image
Power.xlsx12.4 KBswf-image
Sericulture.xlsx10.76 KBswf-image
SOCIAL WELFARE.xlsx10.37 KBswf-image
SOIL CONSERVATION.xlsx10.72 KBswf-image
SPORTS & YOUTH WELFARE.xlsx10.7 KBswf-image
TOURISM.xlsx10.61 KBswf-image
Water Resources.xlsx12.31 KBswf-image
PWD Sector.xlsx15.95 KBswf-image