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Government Of Assam Transformation and Development


sectoral_allocation 2017 - 18_0.pdf2.68 MBswf-image
sectoral_allocation_for_annual_plan_2015-16_0.pdf10.22 MBswf-image
sectoral_allocation_for_annual_plan_2016-17_1_0.pdf2.52 MBswf-image
11th Five Year Planning - Outlay & Expenditure_0.pdf776.03 KBswf-image
Allocation and Expenditure of Plan Fund for Assam (2001 - 2013).docx12.68 KBswf-image
Completed schemes projects under One Time ACA SPA since2004-05 onwards.docx18.52 KBswf-image
twelfe_five_year_plan_0_0.pdf902.15 KBswf-image
sectoral break up of annual plan 2013-14.pdf638.7 KBswf-image
An Approach To 12th Five Year Plan (2012 - 2017)9.96 MBswf-image
revised_sectoral_allocation_for_annual_plan_2014-15_0.pdf10.68 MBswf-image